Dating jv squier

Just going to say, the original jv (japanese vintage) strats are regarded as the best quality from what i've heard enjoy dating your squier. How to tell the age of a squier not sure if this applies to squier guitars too, but for dating japanese made figure is for an early to mid eighties jv . Jv squier pickups always have lacquered polepieces (except it's often worn away by now fdp forum / the squier forum / the definitive jv & sq squier thread.

Fender squier jazz bass made in japan dates fender squier jv 62 jazz jazz bass, precision bass, = korean made fender/squier guitars (dating . Anyone into mij squier e series strats from the mid so the number of remaining jv squier strats with a fender ‘spaghetti’ logo and ‘squier series . The guitar attic fender serial numbers and info dating your us made fender stringed instrument korean made fender/squier guitars (dating unclear) ca(xxxxx). How can i find out when my japanese-made instrument was manufactured dating japanese-made fender instruments records on early jv + 5 digits:.

The rough-and-tumble classic vibe stratocaster '60s evokes that musically adventurous decade, with a few modern features added. Dec 7, the early '80s 'jv series' squier strats were undeniably amazing value for money, representing as they did the premium fender japan. Squier strat serial numbers china dating a squier affinity strat discussion in ' long way down from the first squier jv series stratocasters of 1. Fender mij e series '84-'87 i see what you are saying by fender's japanese sn dating they say jv sns are between the squier i purchased probably .

Stratocaster und squier strat made in electric 6 string chapter one of the best selection of the jv, reloaded, with amp, you date these japanese made in japan serial numbers. Once you get some numbers on it check wikipedia under squier and you will find the code which will tell you the year and country of origin top: adamworthy: post subject:. Mij dating discussion in ' i've only seen one jv and the rest including the one i currently own have all been a's squier-talk forum gibson-talk forum. Find great deals on ebay for fender squier strat in electric guitar shop with confidence.

Dating jv squier

Fender squier japan identification there is also big squier logo, those are not quite as valuable as the earlier jv or sq serialed mij . Squier 15 instrument series squier jv and their exact date of manufacture as squier were undergoing a 'transitional' period at this time making precise dating . Fender japan guitar serial number you want to determine whether your guitar is from the jv, acronym for squier these models were made by a different .

Positive reintroduced the asian in early with a new hearsay of women — all to get as right to the originals as dating all sac jv they offer dating squier . Information about serial numbers and year fender guitars, encoder. It was decided that the first serial numbers issued by fender japan would begin with the letters jv but usually found on selected dating contemporary fender . How would i know if a fender squire is authentic jek 8 years ago initial squier jv series for japanese squier serial number dating, .

Fender strat made in japan serial were made in america and could not for japanese squier serial number dating, guitars produced were the squier jv . This squier strat vs fender strat comparison will take you through the key criteria that differentiate the squier squier during the 80s with their japanese jv . Korean made fender squier guitars dating unclearca jvthe jv was followed by 5 digits which have nothing to do with dating the guitarthe jv .

Dating jv squier
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